Administrative Assistant Christine Gonzalez 910-332-4290 /directory
Administrative Manager
Town Clerk
Sabrena Reinhardt 910-332-4297 /directory
Deputy Clerk Nancy Sims 910-332-5013 /directory
Town Manager David Hollis 910-371-1249 /directory
Administrative Assistant Lynn Roberts 910-332-4292 /directory
Building Inspector  Josh Van Pelt 910-218-0613 /directory
Building Inspector  Eric Heunemann 910-371-5011 /directory
Building Inspector  Dana Hales 910-371-5012 /directory
Inspections Director Pam Ball 910-332-4821 /directory
Department Phone Fax Email
Public Utilities Emergency After Hours Number 910-371-6506    
Public Works Emergency After Hours Number 910-371-6506    
Police Department Emergency After Hours Number 911    
Animal Control Emergency After Hours Number 911    
Police Admin (all other calls dial 911) 910-371-1100 910-371-1889  
Animal Control 910-371-1100    
Inspections- Permit Request 910-371-6179 910-371-1158  
Parks and Recreation- Building/Facility Rentals 910-332-4823 910-383-3219  
Public Utilities Billing 910-332-5000 910-371-1073  
Public Utilities 910-371-6506    
Public Works- Streets, Stormwater, Mosquitos 910-371-0148 910-371-1073  
Building Inspections 910-371-3754 910-371-1073  
Parks and Recreation 910-332-4823 910-383-3219  
Human Resources 910-371-0148 910-371-1073  
Finance 910-371-0148 910-371-1073  
Administration 910-371-0148 910-371-1073  
Governing Body 910-371-0148 910-371-1073  
Finance Clerk Vera Lacewell 910-332-4291 /directory
Finance Officer Missy Rhodes 910-332-4295   /directory
Mayor Brenda Bozeman 910-332-5014 /directory
Mayor Pro Tem Pat Batleman 910-520-7647 /directory
Councilmembers Bob Corriston 910-399-1154 /directory
Councilmembers Michael Callahan 910-332-5016 /directory
Councilmembers Robert Campbell 910-332-5017 /directory
Human Resources Director Christa Dees 910-332-4648 /directory
Human Resource Assistant Christina Failing 910-332-4293 /directory
Operation Services Director Niel Brooks 910-332-4818 /directory
Cultural Arts Manager Julianne Scott 910-385-9892 /directory
Arts Administrative Supervisor Allison Hensley 910-385-9891 /directory
Recreation Supervisor Amy Ryan 910-332-4823 /directory
Grounds and Facilities
Maintenance Supervisor
Chris Lennon 910-332-5007 /directory
Administrative Assistant Lynn Roberts 910-332-4820 /directory
Code Enforcement Shannon Hodges 910-332-4296 /directory
Economic Devl. Director Gary Vidmar 910-332-4294 /directory
Senior Planner Ashli Barefoot 910-332-4819 /directory
Planner I Andrew Neylon 910-332-4815 /directory
Planning Director Robert Waring 910-332-4816 /directory
Police Department Andrea Porter 910-371-1100 /directory
Records Technician Jackie Roman 910-332-4824 /directory
Records Technician Andrea Porter 910-332-4825 /directory
Chief of Police Mike James 910-332-4826 /directory
Lieutenant Jeremy Humphries 910-332-4298 /directory
Lieutenant Josh Spence 910-332-5002 /directory
Sergeant Station SGT STATION 910-332-5006  
Investigator Felicia Garnes 910-332-5005 /directory
Investigator Robert Bridge 910-332-5004 /directory
Logistics Brian Irvin 910-371-2374 /directory
Animal Control Glen Sawyer 910-371-0562
Public Utilities Billing/
Collection Supervisor
Yulia Blankenship 910-332-5000 /directory
Public Utilities Supervisor Bobby Morris 910-332-5008 /directory
Public Services Director Jimmy Strickland 910-332-4651 /directory
Street Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Martin    
Public Services Manager Steven Spruill 910-332-4652 /directory