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DRAFT Article 1 - General to All Plans
DRAFT Article 2 - Regional Plan
DRAFT Article 3 - Public Works
DRAFT Article 4 - New Community Plans
DRAFT Article 5 - Infill Plans
DRAFT Article 6 - Building Scale Plans
DRAFT Article 7 - Definitions

The Framework Plan that is referenced in the FlexCode is located within the adopted Master Plan. Links for the Master Plan can be found on the Development Services main page.


A New Way to Work - the I-526 Extension of Charleston County and more economically efficient opportunities

Charleston County plans to spend half a billion dollars on the extension of I-526. Findings show that the project will increase commute time by only 2 minutes. A New Way to Work is non-profit organization founded by concerned citizens throughout many areas surrounding the potential project. Their existence is based on monetary studies examining possible alternatives to the extension and ways that half a billion dollars can be better spent. Their theories and studies are based on the same tenants of the FlexCode. Staff encourages the examination of all materials produced by this group which can be found on their website by clicking here or on their Facebook page.

Measuring Productivity - Blog post by Charles Marhon discussing the utilization of tax base as a measure for success & actual numbers from an economic study


SmartCode Central
SmartCode Complete
Strong Towns
Center for Applied Transect Studies
Form Based Codes Institute
CEOs for Cities Growing Wealthier

Articles of interest:

Walking the Walk: How Walkability Raises Home Values in U.S. Cities
Growing Wealthier: Smart Growth, Climate Change, and Prosperity