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Stage 2 Water Emergency

Progress continues on water main bypass repairs
Bolivia, NC – As work continues to construct a bypass around the break in a water main providing water for Brunswick County, it remains critical that citizens continue to conserve water.
Crews worked all weekend on the bypass, which will allow water to keep flowing to the Northwest Water Treatment Plant while crews repair the water main. It will also reduce floodi...

Early Voting at Town Hall

Early voting is taking place at Town Hall with a huge turnout.
For a voting Schedule, CLICK HERE.

State of Emergency Issued

Bolivia, NC – Brunswick County is under a State of Emergency and water conservation measures are imperative for all public water users after attempts at a temporary fix to a broken water main did not work.
Crews worked until 1 a.m. this morning, but the attempted band sleeve, which would have been a temporary repair to the broken water main, was not successful. The County’s water situation is no better than before.
The site of the break is still flooded, and two o...

Mandatory Water Conservation

Thank you to all Brunswick County water customers who have complied with mandatory restrictions and taken steps to decrease water consumption. Unfortunately, repairs to the water main are taking longer than initially expected, and are likely to continue into the week of October 24.
Irrigation of all types and home car washing using public water continue to be prohibited. These restrictions are being enforced and it is critical that all users comply immediately. For more information, visit ...

Brunswick County Debris Drop Off

Citizens should continue to be alert while driving. High river levels have the potential to continue to affect roads.
Mandatory water conservation measures in place in Brunswick County. Click here for details.

For tips on managing storm debris, click here. Find safety tips for after flooding here. Find safety tips for during a power outage here. If you have concerns about the safety of your location, call 910-253-5383.

Storm Debris

For de...

NWS Flood Warning

National Weather Service issued a Flood Warning for Brunswick County:

Click Here.