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Keep plastic bags out of mainstream recycling

Local municipalities are meeting and working to reduce contamination of recycling goods, specifically the wrong-use of plastic bags and film in recycle bins.
Plastic bags and film packaging are important durable and lightweight protection for food and merchandise in transit. But these materials SHOULD NOT be recycled in most curbside carts or single stream programs. 

Below are the links for information.   

CRA Resources: http://www...

Leland Sewer Response Update 9-14-17

Response from Mayor Bozeman:

LELAND – As I continue to work closely with town staff regarding the wastewater collection system response and proposed actions for immediate and future improvements, I wish to pass along the following information I received from the town staff as a status update on Lift Station #3 (LS#3) in Magnolia Greens:

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Notice of Discharge of Untreated Wastewater


On September 12, 2017, the Town of Leland’s wastewater collection system had a discharge of untreated wastewater from a manhole of the 8” gravity sewer system located in front of 1352 Grandiflora Drive in the Magnolia Greens Subdivision in Leland, North Carolina.  The amount of the spill was approximately 33,060 gallons. There was also a spill that took place at the intersection of Pine Harvest Drive and Pe...

Sewer Spill from Irma Rains

Sewer Spill from Irma Rains and Town Response

LELAND – The Town of Leland experienced a sewer spill today (9-12-17) in the 1300 block of Grandiflora Drive and the corner of Pine Harvest Drive and Pemberton Drive. Overnight rains from the remnants of Hurricane Irma along with issues discovered at two local construction sites resulted in excessive stormwater inundating the Town’s sewer system, and the entire regional sewer collection system. The Town is taking the necessary s...

Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Recognition

National Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Recognition Day
is September 15.

See Proclamation HERE.

B.C. Emergency Tips

News Release from Brunswick County Emergency Services

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