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Brunswick County Solid Waste Spring Free Week 2015

Free Dump Week
April 13 through April 18, 2015

Household Hazardous
Waste & Clothng Collection
April 18, 2015

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Planning Board Regular Meeting Agenda March 24 at 6:30 pm

1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes - Regular Meeting February 24, 2015
4. Public Comment
5. SSP 15-8216 Brunswick Forest-Phase 5, Section B-1
6. SSP 15-8215 Brunswick Forest-Phase 2, Section 4
7. Old/New Business
       New Business:
       Old Business:
       A. Council Updates
       B. Monthly Repo...

Town Council Agenda Meeting March 16, 2015

MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
11:00 A.M.

1. Call to order, Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Agenda Review for the regular meeting on Thursday, Match 19, 2015
4. Old/New Business
5. Adjournment

Town Council Special Meeting Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 11: am


The meeting agenda is as follows:

  • Town Council Call to order
  • Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance 
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Resolution R15-22 Accept a Designated Secondary Check Signer
  • R15-23 Accepting contract with VC3
  • Legislative Issues
  • FY15/16 Budget Review
  • Closed Session
  • Town Manager's Evaluation
  • Town Council Adjournment 

NOTICE TO PUBLIC Public Hearing March 19, 2015 at 7:00pm

The public will take notice that the Leland Town Council has called a public hearing at 7:00pm or shortly thereafter on Thursday, Match 19, 2015 at Leland Town Hall, 102 Town Hall Dr, Leland, NC to consider the following:


Public hearing regarding the acceptance of the requested annexation of a non-contiguous parcel located at 9630 Blackwell Rd from Brunswick County into the Town of Leland. The property in question is .97 acres in size and is currently vacant.