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Agenda for Economic Development Meeting 7-21-16

Please see the new Civic Web portal for meeting agendas (CLICK HERE).  Here is the link to the Economic Development Meeting on July 21, 2016.  CLICK HERE.

Agenda for Council Meeting 7-14-16

The link below will forward you to the Town’s electronic agenda management portal:
Regular Council - 14 Jul 2016 - Agenda:

Open Final:
Regular Council - 14 Jul 2016 - PDF
Regular Council - 14 Jul 2016 - Split-screen


Agenda for Council Meeting

The following are links to the Agenda Meeting and the draft for the Council Meeting (July 14):

Agendas available for:

Town Council Agenda Meeting…/MeetingInformation.aspx…

Town Council Regular Meeting…/MeetingInformation.aspx…

Infrastructure Committee Meeting

The Infrastructure Committee will meet Monday, July 11, 2016 at Town Hall at 10:30 a.m.  Items discussed will include by-laws. 
For the Agenda, CLICK HERE.


Wastewater spill

Notification of Discharge of Untreated Wastewater

General Statute 143-215.1C requires the owner or operator of any wastewater collection or treatment works to issue a press release when an untreated wastewater discharge of 1,000 gallons or more reaches surface waters.
In accordance with that regulation, the following news release has been prepared and issued to media in the affected town/county:
Due to an electrical malfunction, the Town of Leland had a discharge of ...

Wastewater Collection Annual Report

2015/2016 Wastewater Collection System
Annual Report                                                                          ...