Building Inspections

The Town of Leland Inspections Department is responsible for the enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Codes to protect lives, health and property in the Town of Leland. Inspectors are available 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m. to answer specific questions. Appointments are recommended. Our staff consists of four multi-trade inspectors and administrative assistants to assist with the permitting process, regulations and codes in relation to your specific project.

The Inspections Department will also serve the community in times of disaster by assisting in the observation and assessment of damaged structures.


Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone: (910) 371-3754
Fax: (910) 371-1158 (For Inspection Requests)

Building Inspections PERMIT FEE SCHEDULE

NC State Building Codes Amendments - Effective 1/1/2016 


Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas System required:
Code of Ordinances
NFPA 58 Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Code

ATTENTION  Contractors & Sub-contractors
Liens NC

Description Fee
  Residential Structures   $51.00
DSZONIN   0,000 Square Feet $405.00
DSZONIN   2,001-4,000 Square Feet $480.00
DSZONIN   4,001-6,000 Square Feet $556.00
DSZONIN   6,001-8,000 Square Feet $632.00
DSZONIN   8,001-10,000 Square Feet $708.00
DSZONIN     Additional $25 per 1,000 square feet over 10,000 square feet
DSZONIN Accessory Structures Permit   $25.00
DSZONIN Change of Use Permit   $101.00
DSZONIN Customary Home Occupation Permit   $30.00
DSZONIN Temporary Use permit   $51.00
DSPUD Minor Plat including Preliminary & Final Plat Review   $51+ $2/lot
DSPUD Major Plat Review Preliminary   $404+ $2/lot
DSPUD Major Plat Final   $41.00
DSPUD Planned Unit Development Master Plan   $506.00
DSPUD Major or Minor Plat Revision   $26.00
DSPUD Planned Unit Development Site Specific   $405+ $2 per lot
DSPUD PUD Master Plan Amendment (Planning Board)   $304.00
DSPUD PUD Master Plan Amendment (Staff Review)   $25.00
DSPUD Improvement Guarantee Agreement   $506.00
Rezoning & Annexation Fee
DSREZON Rezoning    
DSREZON Conditional Rezoning    
    0-3 Acres $405.00
    4-6 Acres $506.00
    7-9 Acres $607.00
    Each Acre over 10 Additional $50.00
DSREZON Planned Unit Development Rezoning (if a Master Plan is attached, the Subdivision Fee is Waived)   $606.00
DSREZON Text Amendments (Zoning & Subdivision)   $354.00
DSREZON Amendment to Approved Planned Unit Development    
DSREZON Voluntary Annexation (Annexation, Initial Zoning & Recordation)   $405.00
Planning Board of Board of Adjustment  
DSZONIN Variance   $250.00
DSZONIN Appeal   $100.00
Sign Compliance Permits  
DSZONIN On-Premise Sign Review   $51.00
DSZONIN Temporary Signs (Banners)   $26.00
DSZONIN Off-Premise Sign Review (Billboard)   $101.00
DSZONIN Temporary Off-Premise Directional Real Estate Signs Click here for a sign application form $304.00
Additional Fees Fee
DSROMF Zoning Regulations   $15.00
DSROMF Subdivision Regulations   $15.00
DSROMF GIS Map (11x17)   $5.00
DSROMF GIS Map (24x36)   $10.00
DSROMF Zoning Certification Letters   $25.00
DSROMF Plat Revisions   $25.00
DSROMF Zoning Re-Inspections   $25.00
DSROMF Copies   $.25/per page
DSROMF Public Information Requests   Cost of Materials
DSROMF Continuances After Advertising   $25.00
  • T-Pole - Temporary electrical power to site
  • Mfg. Home Piers
  • Footing (ground after it is cleared and dug and ready to have concrete or Block put in); at this time it also must be sprayed for termites.
  • Foundation
  • Under Slab
  • Slab & Slab Insulation
  • Garage Slab
  • Floor System
  • Sheathing and Nailing
  • Framing and Roughs - Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical.
  • Insulation
  • Gas Tank and Pressure
  • Final Trades
  • Final Building - Completed Project
  • Drainage - MUST have been graded for positive water flow
  • C.O. - Certificate of Occupancy/ Certificate of Compliance (All work is completed and approved).
  • Obtain a building permit application form from the Building Inspections Department located in Town Hall or download from the links below.
  • The primary contractor MUST sign and put their N.C. license number on the application, including all subcontractors' names, license numbers, and addresses.
  • All State and Local Codes must be followed.
  • Fill out forms in FULL.
  • Signed by Primary Contractors with License Numbers.
  • Signed by Owner.
  • Dated.
  • Must supply survey and plot plan with applicable setbacks and sewer permit.
  • Two (2) Complete Sets of plans, (required for both residential and commercial construction) and one (1) complete set of .PDF plans submitted on disc (required for commercial construction).
  • Any inspection requests will be taken from 8:00 am and 4:00 pm for the next business day’s schedule. Any inspections requested after 4:00 pm will be scheduled for two (2) business days later. We accept inspection requests via fax, call, email, or walk-in. Do not call for an Inspection until the work to be inspected is ready.
  • If you would like a phone call prior to your inspection, this must be requested when scheduling your inspection. Please make sure to use a valid contact number to ensure that the inspectors are able to reach you when they are on the way.
  • If a Code Violation is found a $50.00 fee will be assessed before the job/work will be inspected again.