Town Hall

The residents of the Town of Leland are a body corporate and politic under the name 'Town of Leland'. Under that name they have all the powers, duties, rights, privileges, and immunities conferred and imposed upon cities by the general law of North Carolina.

The governing body of the Town of Leland is the Town Council and the Mayor. The Town Council has four members. In 1991 and biennially thereafter, two members of the Council shall be elected for four-year terms. A Mayor shall be elected in 1989 and biennially thereafter for a two-year term. The Mayor has the same voting rights and privileges and is subject to the same voting limitations and requirements as are Council members under the general law.

In determining a quorum, a majority vote of the Council, or in being excused from voting, the Mayor is treated as a member of the Council. The Mayor, after participating with Council members in a vote that results in a tie, may not vote a second time to break that tie. The Town Council shall be elected on a nonpartisan basis and the results determined by the plurality method as provided by G.S. 16392.