Gateway Infill Plan

Visions Aren’t Achieved Overnight

The hard work of setting goals for future growth in Leland began in 2005 when citizens and leaders came together and began work on a long-range Master Plan. Guided by that plan, adopted in 2009, the Town subsequently enacted its FlexCode in late 2011. The FlexCode, a zoning ordinance more concerned with creating a place-appropriate look and feel than regulating particular building uses, encourages the kinds of redevelopment envisioned by those who participated in that Master Plan visioning process.

The primary goal at the heart of our efforts is a Leland with a distinct identity of its own, with a town center and walkable (and bikeable), family-friendly neighborhoods that combine opportunities for residential living, shopping, entertainment and other daily pursuits. With a vision for growth and a tool for getting there, the December 2012 Gateway Workshop was tasked with the nitty-gritty work of applying FlexCode standards to specific sections of town, starting with the Gateway section and surrounding areas so that their development and redevelopment over the coming years can help bring the Leland vision to life.

“We should all be proud of the way we’ve steadily progressed towards this moment,” said Mayor Brenda Bozeman. “We’ve moved from the vision to the Master Plan to the FlexCode and now to rezoning, all in keeping with our goals for Leland’s future. We’ve done this together every step of the way. And we’ll take our next steps together, as well.”

View the result of these workshops and planning efforts:

Gateway Infill Plan