Flamenco Carolina


Flamenco, with its expressive dancing and elegant music, brings a unique show to the LCAC stage with Flamenco Carolina. Come and be mesmerized by this culturally rich art form.

GYPSY KATHAA - Flamenco and Kathak fusion performance exploring the similarities in music, movement, and moods

Kathak is one of the eight classical dances of India originating in North India in the 3rd century and performed in temples as way of narrating mythological stories (Kathaa meaning story).

Flamenco origins are thought to be in the Roma migration from Northwest India to Spain between 9th and 14th centuries and later performed by Gitanos (Gypsies) in Andalucía Spain as a way of expressing their life’s struggles.

The two art forms have striking similarities, complementing each other in the music, movement, and the moods they display.

Gypsy Kathaa is a truly unique experience combining Flamenco and Kathak, two high energy, colorful, melodious art forms on one stage and the beautiful fusion they create.

Tickets are $15.