Curbside Recycling

How is Leland’s curbside recycling program changing?

The Town of Leland is transitioning its curbside recycling program from the current twice-monthly schedule to once per month. The switch to monthly pick-up will take effect at the start of the 2020-21 fiscal year on July 1. Current pick-up frequency and days remain in place through June 30.

Why did the Town of Leland change its curbside recycling program?

Leland Town Council approved the new schedule in April as a way to stem rising recycling costs to the Town while still providing the service to residents.

Council and staff certainly value and support conservation efforts. For years, Leland has partnered with GFL Environmental, Inc. (formerly Waste Industries, Inc.) for its municipal curbside recycling program, offered at no additional cost to residents.

However, the cost to maintain curbside recycling has continued to increase in recent years due to international disruptions and inefficiencies in the industry, as documented in national and international news reports.

What does it cost the Town to recycle?

The Town spent approximately $389,000 on its curbside recycling program in fiscal year 2016-17. That figure has grown to just over $571,000 in the current fiscal year and was expected to rise more than 21 percent to $723,389 - or nearly double from just four years ago – in the 2020-21 fiscal year, with additional increases likely in the future.

The estimated annual cost to the Town for the monthly recycling program is approximately $577,000.

Will my recycling pick-up schedule change?

Per a one-year contract with the Town, GFL Environmental, Inc., will continue to provide curbside recycling services to Leland residents. GFL will pick up recycling bins in Leland neighborhoods and communities on Fridays. Residents may visit the Town of Leland website at to determine which Friday of the month their pick-up schedule will fall.

What if I cannot store a month’s worth of recyclables in my bin?

Residents who need an additional bin can secure one directly through GFL at a cost of $6.75 per month or $81 for one year. The total annual cost will be billed in advance. To secure an additional bin, or for recycling questions, Leland residents should contact GFL at (910) 253-4177 or

Residents may also utilize Brunswick County’s free recycling drop-off locations in the Leland area:

  • Leland Convenience Center - 9921 Chappell Loop Rd.
  • Northwest Park - 1937 Andrew Jackson Hwy. NE
  • Leland Community Park - 1490 Village Rd.
  • Town Creek District Park - 6420 Ocean Hwy. E (Hwy. 17)

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Additional information/contacts:

Town of Leland – (910) 371-0148

Recycling schedule map

GFL Environmental - (910) 253-4177