Roadside Litter

Who is responsible for picking up trash and maintaining landscaping along roadways in Leland?

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains larger State-owned roads throughout the Town, including:

  • Highway 17
  • Highway 74/76
  • Lanvale Road
  • Village Road
  • Old Fayetteville Road
  • South Navassa Road

Maintenance and repair of smaller streets within the Town are the responsibility of the Town, with the exception of privately-owned streets. The Town is only able to work within street right-of-ways. Any trash or landscaping outside of those right-of-ways is the responsibility of the property owner.

View and download a list of streets owned and maintained by the Town

Does NCDOT clean all portions of State-owned roadways?

No. NCDOT typically provides litter removal and mowing only on interstates and portions of primary roads, such as gateways to municipalities.

In Leland, NCDOT has, in recent years, maintained the following areas:

  • Approximately 9 miles of 74/76 from Highway 17 to the intersection with Highway 87
  • About 11 miles of Highway 17 from the New Hanover County line to Governors Road in the Winnabow area
  • A small portion (1.2 miles) between Highway 17/421 and the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (Causeway)

How often does NCDOT pick up trash and/or mow the grass along the roadways? Why does there seem to be an increase in trash lately?

NCDOT was conducting clean-ups on a monthly basis but, due to significant state budget cuts, can no longer maintain that schedule. NCDOT’s last litter pick-up in the Leland area was in October 2019.

NCDOT staff are currently documenting reported litter concerns and addressing them, when scheduling allows, with priority given to issues that pose safety concerns.

What is the Town of Leland going to do about roadside trash in NCDOT right-of-ways in the area?

The Town of Leland is limited in what we can do to address the issue of trash and unkept State roads.

The Town has requested that NCDOT clean the right-of-ways routinely. Many of the roads are outside of Town limits and in other jurisdictions. Additionally, the roads are maintained by NCDOT, not the Town of Leland, therefore, the Town would need to enter into a maintenance agreement to begin working in these areas.

Read Mayor Brenda Bozeman's letter to NCDOT and the response from DOT officials

In the event the State would grant a maintenance agreement, the costs associated with roadside trash removal and mowing are very high. The Town would need to allocate funds to cover these unbudgeted expenses, as we do not have existing staff or equipment to dedicate to trash removal and mowing of State roads.

The Town is currently inquiring with NCDOT’s former contractors about whether they would be available to continue maintenance and, if so, what those services would cost. Once estimates are obtained, Town staff will provide an update to Leland Town Council during an upcoming public meeting.

What can I do, as a resident, to help?

Keep Leland green by always disposing of trash in the proper receptacles, and encourage friends and neighbors to do so, as well. Residents may also choose to come together to join the State’s Adopt a Highway program.

If you see someone disposing of trash along roadways, you can report it to NCDOT Litter Management at 1-800-331-5864. Trash pick-up requests can also be made on the NCDOT website.

For issues along Town streets, call (910) 371-0148.