Utility Transition

Do I need to set up new service with H2GO?

No. Your account will transfer over to H2GO with your balance as of May 19, 2021. However, you will receive a new account number.

Will I need to change my auto draft payment information?

Yes. You can sign up for H2GO auto draft on the H2GO website. You will need your new account number that will be on your May bill from H2GO in order to sign up for auto draft.

Will I have to pay a new security deposit?

H2GO will not require a security deposit. 

When does this take effect and to whom do I send my payment?

Please remit your payment for the April 19 invoice to the Town of Leland by May 17. From that point on, you will be billed by and make payments directly to H2GO. 

Will my rates/monthly bill be different?

H2GO's rates and fees can be found on their website

Will my backflow inspection information transfer?

Yes. The Town will provide backflow inspection information to H2GO, along with the account balance as of May 18. 2021.

I am selling my home or moving out of a rental property and need to disconnect my service. Who do I need to contact?

As of May 18, all inquiries for account changes should be directed to H2GO at (910) 371-9949.

If I think something is wrong with my bill or meter, who should I contact?

As of May 18, all inquiries for billing questions, service repairs, or meter issues should be directed to H2GO at (910) 371-9949.