2018 Leland Business Survey Gives Local Businesses a Voice

Information provided by the 2018 Leland Business Survey is expected to help shape future growth and economic development in the Town of Leland.

The mission of the Town of Leland Economic Development Committee is to support local business and encourage a business-friendly climate in Leland.  With the assistance of Town of Leland Community & Economic Development Director Gary Vidmar and Town staff, the committee developed the 2018 Business Survey intended to gauge the current business climate and collect feedback to help meet the needs of current Leland businesses. This 2018 survey is a follow-up to the first business survey that was conducted by the Economic Development Committee in 2016/2017.

Leland business owners are encouraged to complete the 12 question survey available on the Town of Leland website https://www.townofleland.com/departments/economic-community-development until April 20, 2018.

While individual business information will be kept internal to the Economic Development Committee Members and Town of Leland staff, the aggregate findings of the 2018 Business Survey will be shared with area businesses, Leland Town Council, and the public. 

For more information please contact Gary Vidmar, Town of Leland Community & Economic Development Director, at (910) 332-4294 or gvidmar@townofleland.com.