Leland Encourages Residents, Contractors and HOAs to Prepare for Dorian

Preparation plans should include delays in trash pick-up


As the area gets ready for the likely approach of Hurricane Dorian, the Town of Leland encourages residents, contractors and homeowners associations to take precautionary steps now to help prevent or lessen any potential damage to homes, construction sites, stormwater conveyances and other facilities.

Please ensure all equipment, tools, trash, fence screens, signage, dumpsters, portable bathrooms and any other materials that could become airborne by strong winds are removed, safely stored or tied down to prevent them from being picked up by sustained winds or sudden gusts and damaging adjacent properties.

Secure all hazardous chemicals and ensure that any openings or accessible windows are boarded up on structures under construction. Have a plan in place now to remove any excess water at construction sites post-storm to assist in project clean-up and help protect adjacent properties.

Please check all storm drains and stormwater conveyances on your property to ensure they are free of loose debris in order to minimize the impact of heavy rains and allow the natural flow of stormwater.

Waste Industries announced today that trash and recycling collection on Thursday and Friday has been canceled due to Hurricane Dorian, so plan accordingly when preparing your home or business for the storm. The additional trash will be collected during next week’s pick-ups and additional recycling will be collected on customers’ next scheduled recycling day.

More information and updates on trash collection are available on Waste Industries’ website.

Leland Town Hall will remain open through 5 p.m. Wednesday and will provide important updates and helpful information and resources, including a reopening date and time, via Facebook, Twitter (@Townofleland) and NextDoor.