Leland Opposes Motion by H2GO and Belville to Modify Injunction

Court hearing to be held via phone this week


Brunswick County Superior Court will hold a telephone hearing in the litigation involving the Town of Leland, H2GO Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer and the Town of Belville at 10 a.m. this Friday, May 1. The public can listen to the proceeding via a call line and access code provided at the end of this release.

The hearing concerns a joint motion filed by Belville and H2GO asking the court to modify an injunction in the case regarding H2GO’s transfer of all its assets to the Town of Belville. The Town of Leland, which supports a regional compromise solution to building an aquifer-based reverse osmosis plant, opposes the motion based on continuing illegality by Belville and H2GO.

The Town of Leland has maintained that the transfer of H2GO assets to the Town of Belville in 2017 was illegal and believes Belville should be held responsible for the legal fees Leland incurred in addressing that illegality.

To listen to the hearing, call (855) 633-2040 and enter the guest participant code - 2149435 #.


Read and/or download the Town of Leland's written response in opposition to the motion


Read and/or download the exhibits Leland submitted in opposition to the motion