Residents of Evacuated Apartment Building Return Home

All residents of the evacuated building in Brunswick Point Apartment Homes have been allowed to return, following the completion of emergency repairs and an onsite inspection by Town of Leland staff. First- and second-floor residents of the building – located at 1008 Hunterstone Drive – were able to return to their units on Friday, April 16, and third-floor residents were granted access to their residences on Tuesday, April 20.

The Town evacuated a portion of the building on April 14 after two separate reports of injuries that occurred that morning on a stairway. Pursuant to Section 110.2 of the N.C. Fire Code, the Town also authorized the immediate evacuation of 12 units due to “hazardous conditions that present imminent danger to building occupants.”

“The emergency repairs are enough to provide adequate exit from the building in the event of a fire or other emergency,” said Leland Fire Chief Chris Langlois. “However, additional permanent repairs are still necessary.”

During follow-up inspections on April 14, Leland building inspectors identified structurally compromised stairways and posted notices of condemnation on the 11 other buildings in Brunswick Point. As outlined in N.C. General Statute 160D-1119, public notice of condemnation can be posted at residential buildings that appear to inspectors to be potentially dangerous. The owner of that building must then take “prompt corrective action” (NCGS 160D-1121) or be subject to written notice of the unsafe conditions and a hearing with the inspector.

Brunswick Point NC, LLC in Alabama, the company that owns the Leland apartment complex, has already begun the permitting process to make permanent repairs to the 12 buildings. Condemnation notices at each building, including 1008 Hunterstone Drive, will remain posted until satisfactory completion and inspection of the identified repairs.

After meeting with representatives from Brunswick Point NC, LLC, Daniel Knoch, Leland’s Chief Building Official, and Bill Thornton, the Town’s Building Plan Reviewer, said the company plans to complete repairs, complex-wide, by early May. Should Brunswick Point NC, LLC take “prompt corrective action,” as mandated under state law, to correct the issues, condemnation hearings may not be necessary.