Sturgeon Creek Park Now Cypress Cove Park

The Town of Leland Town Council voted last week to rename the park at 844 Appleton Way as Cypress Cove Park. Previously known as Sturgeon Creek Park, the name change came after citizens were given the opportunity to suggest new names for the park and then the finalists were put to a public vote. Cypress Cove Park was overwhelmingly chosen over Blue Gill Park with more than 80 percent of the vote.
The renaming was necessary to eliminate confusion with another Town park project along Sturgeon Creek in the vicinity of South Navassa Road. In addition, there was some question whether the park was along Sturgeon Creek at all, with many maps noting it as being located along Mill Creek.
The park itself features a kayak launch, picnic area, and campfire pit and provides views of and access to large, healthy pond cypress trees along the upper reaches of creek. For more information on the park, please contact Leland Parks and Recreation at (910) 408-3092 or e-mail

Press Contact:  Alice Corl