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Applications for CDBG-NR Program

The Town of Leland is considering an application for CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization funds from the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Division (REDD) to provide rehabilitation or replacement housing assistance to lower-income homeowner households. The program is sponsored by the Town of Leland, with funds potentially provided by the Rural Economic Development Division.

The Town encourages owner-occupied households with lower incomes residing in substandard housing to contact the Town if they would like to be considered for a rehabilitation or replacement housing loan (up to 8-year term, 0% interest forgiven loan) offered through the CDBG program.

More information can be found on the application here:  2021 CDBG-NR Application

General Information on Review Processes

For new commercial or multi-family development, expansions, and major modifications to existing developments:

  1. First, apply for Development Site Plan review by submitting the following application and appropriate fee:
  2. The Technical Review Committee reviews and comments on the project.
  3. After any necessary corrections, the Development Site Plan is approved.
  4. After that, you can apply for Building Permit using Evolve, our online permitting and inspections system.
  5. The building plans are reviewed.  After any necessary corrections are made they can be approved.  Concurrently while the building plans are being reviewed, the plans are also reviewed for zoning compliance and other Town ordinance requirements as applicable.
  6. Once all departments have issued their individual approvals, an invoice will be emailed to the applicant.
  7. Upon payment of the invoice, the building permit is automatically emailed to the applicant.

For other permits (including residential new construction and Change of Occupancy):

  1. First, submit application online using Evolve, our online permitting and inspections system.
  2. Any necessary reviews are performed including zoning, floodplain development, building plans, or other applicable reviews depending on the project type.  
  3. Once all departments have issued their individual approvals, an invoice will be emailed to the applicant.
  4. Upon payment of the invoice, the building permit is automatically emailed to the applicant.

Please contact department staff if expanding or modifying existing development to determine the correct project review. Information about the Development Site Plan process can be found in the Town of Leland Administrative Manual here.

Department News and Upcoming Events

Leland 2045 Project Underway!

Leland is creating a comprehensive plan for land use that updates, incorporates, and builds upon land use and transportation plans previously adopted by Leland, while creating the policy framework for intelligent growth over a 25-year planning horizon.

Visit the project webpage at to learn more.


About Us

Leland's Department of Planning and Building Inspections facilitates development within the Town of Leland, from project inception to completion.

Planning staff provide professional and technical guidance in all matters related to existing and future land use, including zoning, flood damage prevention, land use code compliance, and long-range planning.

Code Enforcement staff investigate and work to resolve zoning, nuisance, and minimum housing violations.

Building Inspections staff ensure public safety by administering compliance with applicable building codes and design requirements.

Permitting staff are responsible for receiving and processing applications for building permits, issuing permits, and scheduling inspections.

For more information, please visit the tabs on the left or contact the Department of Planning and Inspections at (910) 371-3390. 

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