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Southeastern NC Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Virtual Public Meeting

A final draft of the Southeastern NC Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan is available for review and we’d like your feedback on the plan. An online public meeting will be held on Thursday, January 28, 2021 from 6:00PM – 7:00PM to present the plan and its findings and recommendations and to answer any questions about the plan from the public.  Feedback received at this meeting will be reviewed, considered and potentially used to modify the plan if needed.  

Registration is required so if you are interested in attending this meeting, please sign up at the link provided below.

A draft of the plan can be viewed at the following link: Southeastern NC Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Should you have any questions about the plan, or if you are unable to attend the public meeting, but wish to have your comments considered, please email Nathan Slaughter at or call 919-415-2726. 

New Online Permitting and Inspections System is Live!


As of November 2, 2020, Leland permitting and inspections are facilitated throgh Evolve, a web-based platform that will streamline the permitting and inspections process for customers and staff.  The launch of Evolve will enhance the customer experience in several ways:

  • Applications for permits will be able to be submitted online.
  • Inspections will be able to be requested online, and inspection results will be automatically emailed to project contacts.
  • The application and review process for system development fees will be incorporated into the building permit application and review process. No longer will customers have to submit two separate applications.
  • Zoning review fees, permit fees, inspection fees, and system development fees will all be able to be paid simultaneously online.
  • After online payment of fees, permits will automatically be issued by email.
  • Customers will be able to easily set up an online account that will allow them to apply for permits, check on the status of permit applications, make payments, schedule or cancel inspections, and check inspections results.

With the launch of Evolve, customers should note the following:

  • Applications submitted prior to November 2, 2020 will be transitioned from the existing permitting system to Evolve.
  • Projects that have been permitted but are still under construction as of November 2, 2020 will be transitioned from the existing permitting system to Evolve.
  • Paper applications for building permits will no longer be accepted.  For commercial applications, applications are electronic but plan review still requires two sets of paper plans submitted, in addition to the online electronic pdf upload.
  • The existing payment portal for permitting and inspections will be retired.
  • The existing online system development fee application will be retired, and the process will be incorporated into the building permit application process.
  • After an invoice is sent to the customer, payments can still be made by check. However, check payments will result in additional processing time whereas online payments will result in the permit being issued immediately after payment.
  • Inspection requests should be made through Evolve and no longer by phone or by email.
  • Inspections results will be available to customers through Evolve, in addition to the permit checklist in the permit box on the job site.
  • A new permitting and inspections fee schedule will become effective on November 2, 2020. The new fee schedule uses the ICC cost of construction method to determine permit fees, and this simplified fee calculation method will help customers more easily calculate permit fees prior to applying for a permit. Applications received prior to November 2, 2020 will be billed under the previous fee schedule.

Leland is excited to offer this new system and process improvements to its citizens and customers.  

For questions or comments, please contact Ben Andrea, Director of Planning and Inspections. 

Applications open for ReBuild NC Storm Recovery Program

ReBuild NC, a program of the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR), established the Homeowner Recovery Program to help homeowners repair, reconstruct or elevate homes damaged by the storms. The program is part of a comprehensive plan to distribute federal Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CBDG-DR) funds within North Carolina’s communities that were hit the hardest by Hurricanes Florence and Matthew.

Homeowners may be eligible for assistance if they owned and occupied a home during the time of these disasters. If homeowners have received assistance from other sources, they may still be eligible for help through the Homeowner Recovery Program.

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of applicants during the COVID-19 pandemic, ReBuild NC has developed an online application and redesigned its website to include additional resources for homeowners. People interested in applying to the program should visit ReBuild.NC.Gov. More information is also available by calling 833-ASK-RBNC. 

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Leland's Department of Planning and Building Inspections facilitates development within the Town of Leland, from project inception to completion.

Planning staff provide professional and technical guidance in all matters related to existing and future land use, including zoning, flood damage prevention, land use code compliance, and long-range planning.

Code Enforcement staff investigate and work to resolve zoning, nuisance, and minimum housing violations.

Building Inspections staff ensure public safety by administering compliance with applicable building codes and design requirements.

Permitting staff are responsible for receiving and processing applications for building permits, issuing permits, and scheduling inspections.

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