Parking FAQs

Do I have a right to park on the street?


No one has an inherent right to park on the publicly owned streets within the Town. The Town Council sets the regulations for when and if parking is allowed in the Town’s publicly owned right-of-ways.

Does the Town have a parking permit process?


Town Council has established a code of ordinances allowing parking by permit, but only for special events, subject to the Police Chief’s approval.

Can I get a parking permit for a guest staying a single day or multiple days at my house?


Parking on the street is only for special events.

What is considered a special event?

A special event is a one-day (24 hours maximum) activity at a residence, such as a reception, wedding or party.

If I have a permit, can I park anywhere I choose?


Section 24-32 of the Town Code indicates where parking is strictly forbidden, regardless of the permit.

Can I get as many permits as I want for my special event?


A maximum of 25 one-day (24 hours maximum) special event visitor temporary parking permits are available for any single event.

Do I have to pay for the special event parking permits?


Permits are free of charge.

Am I guaranteed that I can get special event parking permits when I want them?


All parking permit requests are subject to approval by the Police Chief or designee.

Can I request a special event parking permit on the day of my event, at the last minute?


A five-day advance notice is required.

What if I have an emergency, like a death in my family, and I need parking permits for guests?

Contact the Police Chief directly. Special consideration will be given to this situation.

Is parking allowed on every street in town if I have a permit?


For example, parking is not allowed on any street where the paved area is 20 feet wide or less. Section 24-32 of the Code of ordinances lists other areas and streets where parking is prohibited.

Can I use my parking permit to park on the street for several days?


Special event parking permits are limited to a single day (24 hours maximum).

Can I park on the grassed area or shoulder of the street?


Parking is not allowed on the grassy area or shoulder of any street.

What if I park in my driveway, but I am blocking the sidewalk pathway?

You cannot park on sidewalks or the sidewalk area that extends across your driveway.

The sidewalk and driveway portion between the sidewalk and pavement are part of the publicly owned right-of-way. The sidewalk and extension across the driveway must be clear for pedestrian travel.