2014 STP-DA Projects U5534 (I,J,K)

Milestone timeline

Bid Closing
Completed: Aug 27, 2020
August 2020
Notice to Award
November 2020
Notice to Proceed
December 2020
Construction Commences
December 2020
Substantial Completion
May 2021
Final Completion
June 2021
Final Project Closeout
December 2021

The projects are intended to construct a sidewalk along Old Fayetteville Road from Ricefield Branch to Leland Middle School, a multi-use path extension along Village Road from the Brunswick County Senior Center to Sturgeon Creek, and a sidewalk loop from Town Hall Drive down Village and Old Fayetteville Roads. 


Engineering and Design


Construction Contractor

SEPI Engineering & Construction

Construction Adminstration & Construction Engineering Inspection Services

Project Updates