The Town of Leland actively seeks grants to fund various projects, procure specialty equipment, and provide funding for training. Grant funding allows the Town to go beyond the limits of our operational budget and provide a solution for evolving community problems. Thank you to the agencies for recognizing the needs of our Town.

LTDA Grant Program
Leland Tourism Development Authority
Grant Awarded: 09/14/2022

The Leland Tourism Development Authority grant program assists organizations with the marketing, promotion, and execution of projects and initiatives that promote tourism in – and attract visitors to – the Town of Leland. 

As our Town grows, Leland Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Recourses is committed to growing and adapting our recreational amenities and programs to meet the expectations of our community.  We look forward to increasing the number of performances and events so all ages can interact at the heart of the Town, while creating memories as families, neighbors, and friends.

Safe Streets & Roads for All (SS4A)
US Department of Transportation
Grant Application Submitted: 09/13/2022

The USDOT's Safe Streets and Roads for All program will enable the Town to develop its first Comprehensive Safety Action Plan, which will be the first step in implementing policies that will result in safer roadways for all Leland residents. The Town will seek the services of a consultant with local understanding and presence to develop the Action Plan. By guiding actions, programs, projects, and policies, the Action Plan will advance the Town’s goals of eliminating roadway fatalities and serious injuries on Town streets.

Leland Cultural Arts Center
Property & Liability Grant
North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM)
Grant Application Submitted: 09/06/2022

NCLM's Property & Liability grant will provide funding to support the installation of security measures at the Leland Cultural Arts Center (LCAC). This installation will ensure the guests, Town staff, and LCAC are protected at a higher level.

Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG-DA)
Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Grant Application Submitted: 09/02/2022

The Town of Leland has requested funding to construct an at-grade pedestrian crossing on US Highway 17 at the intersection of Ploof Road and Olde Waterford Way, in addition to approximately 300' of sidewalk on the northeast side of Olde Waterford Way. The pedestrian crossing and associated sidewalk would create the only pedestrian crossing across the multi-lane highway and connect pedestrian facilities on both sides of the highway.

This project was included in WMPO's 2040 and 2045 Long Range Transportation Plans, as well as the Town's 2016 Pedestrian Plan.

Founders Park, Leland, NC
2022 Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF)
N.C. State Parks
Grant Denial Notification: 08/26/2022

Founders Park Phase I (partially funded by 2021 PARTF award) will add the first splashpad in northern Brunswick County,  fitness stations, an amphitheater, a veterans memorial, an improved walking trail, additional parking, restrooms, and associated site furnishings.

The Town of Leland has requested assistance in funding Phase II of Founders Parks renovations, which include a playground, natural play area, picnic shelter, and an additional entrance.

North Carolina Sea Grant
North Carolina Sea Grant
Grant Application Submitted: 08/19/2022

The North Carolina Sea Grant Minigrant program provides funding support small projects to allow scientists to gather samples and data when time is of the essence. The minigrant award may allow investigators to gather initial information or pilot test a whole new line of inquiry. Such early findings can subsequently spur major research and outreach efforts funded by other sources. The Town of Leland submitted a letter of support of North Carolina State University's proposal 'Smart-Zoning for Coastal Flood Adaption and Resilience'. This project will advance the state’s long-term planning efforts by identifying areas where re-zoning could be implemented to protect “at-risk” communities and accommodate future growth. Upon completion, the Town will research findings and data outputs to evaluate their use in supporting planning efforts.