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Planning & Inspections
Name Title Duties Phone Number
Benjamin Andrea Planning and Inspections Director Department Team Leader
Ashli Barefoot Planning Manager Planning and Code Enforcement Team Leader
Daniel Knoch Chief Building Official Permitting and Inspections Team Leader, Code Interpretations, Inspections Questions
Brandon Eaton Code Enforcement Officer Zoning Violations, Public Nuisances, Minimum Housing Code
Barnes Sutton Community Development Planner Community Development, Leland 2045 Comprehensive Plan
Andrew Neylon Planning Supervisor Floodplain Administration, Sign Permits
Ben Watts Planner II Zoning Information, Setbacks, Development Application Review
Elizabeth Galloway GIS Analyst GIS Data and Map Services
Bill Thornton Building Plan Reviewer Plan Review Questions
Brenda Cartwright Permit Technician Permitting Questions
Amity Cecil Permit Technician Permitting Questions
Ximena Rheaume Senior Administrative Assistant ABC Licenses, Fire Inspection Invoices, General Support