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Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees of the Town of Leland serve under the auspices of the Town Ordinance or Resolution. The Town Council creates Advisory Boards and Committees, Task Forces, etc. to carry out a variety of functions on behalf of the community. Some Boards, e.g., Board of AdjustmentPlanning Board, are created by authority of the North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS). These Boards are authorized by North Carolina General Statutes to exercise any one or more of the following functions: legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, or advisory.

Because these Boards are created by, or under the authority of the governing board, Town Council, they are considered a separate public body. A public body is subject to the open meetings law and is permitted to hold closed sessions to exclude the public only for specific purposes. All Boards must keep minutes of all official meetings (NCGS §143-318.10(e). Special, emergency, and recessed meetings are permitted and may require specific notice.

All members serve without compensation. Meetings are held at the Town Hall, located at 102 Town Hall Drive, Leland, NC, unless otherwise noted. All meetings are open to the public except as allowed under G.S. 143-318.11(a). 

Rules of Procedure


Frequently Asked Questions

NC G.S. § 132-1 and NC G.S. § 132-3(a) defines public records and the requirements for records retention. Boards, Committees, and other bodies that are part of North Carolina state and local government must hold their meetings in compliance with the N.C. Open Meetings Law, which is codified as Article 33C of General Statutes Chapter 143, beginning at G.S. 143-318.9. Public bodies that administer the legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, and advisory functions of North Carolina and its political subdivisions exist solely to conduct the people’s business. It is the public policy of North Carolina that the hearings, deliberations, and actions of these bodies be conducted openly.

Vacancies will be advertised on the Town’s website and social media pages. The majority of appointments occur twice per year in June and December but can occur any time there is a vacancy.  

When nominations are called for at the regular Town Council meeting, the Town Clerk will present your application to the Town Council for voting. The Town Council will vote on the nomination and the results will be made public. If the candidate receives a majority vote from the Town Council, the candidate is approved to serve on that Board or Committee. 

Where not specified by law, charter, or other Town policy, members either serve two-year or three-year terms depending on the Board or Committee. Citizens may serve no more than two consecutive terms on a Board. Citizens can re-apply one year after serving the two consecutive terms.

We hope you will contribute to the dialogue in our Town by volunteering to serve on one of our many Boards and Committees. 

Time commitment varies depending on the Board or Committee. Most Boards and Committees meet monthly, while others may meet bi-monthly. Additionally, Board members must be able to dedicate time outside of meetings to community events or to do reading, research, etc. Attendance is expected at all meetings to conduct the Board's business. 

All Town of Leland Boards and Committees are volunteer positions and members do not receive compensation for their duties.