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Requests for Recognition

Municipalities around the country use a variety of ceremonial methods to recognize important community milestones, achievements, and actions. In Leland, the Town Clerk's Office is responsible for the coordination of these ceremonial methods including Letters of Support, Proclamations, Recognitions, and Resolutions of Support. Please click the tabs below to learn more about each of these methods. You may submit a request using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Letters of Support are issued by the Mayor to honor exceptional achievements, milestones, or actions within the community. Examples include letters recognizing Eagle Scouts, anniversaries, or special community projects. The Mayor may use his/her discretion in issuing letters of support.

Proclamations are prepared for organizations and/or their representatives in observance of a specific day, week, or month, such as Cancer Awareness Month, Crime Prevention Week, Domestic Violence Awareness Day, etc. Proclamations can also be prepared in connection with a milestone anniversary of a business or nonprofit organization or to honor a specific individual who has contributed significantly to the Town over the course of many years, such as an outgoing elected or appointed official. Proclamations should not be prepared in recognition of specific individual achievements and should be non-controversial in nature. They can be requested by the Mayor or any individual Town Council member and may be presented at a meeting of the Town Council.

Resolutions of Support are issued by the Town Council to show formal Board support for an activity, cause, plan, or initiative. They are formal resolutions that require approval by a vote of the Town Council.