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Environmental Resiliency

Leland waterway

Introduction & Background

Building resilience to natural hazards is vital for communities to help maintain quality of life, healthy growth, durable systems, and conservation of resources for present and future generations; however, several barriers to developing resilience to coastal risks exist, including economic and capacity constraints that have been exacerbated in recent times. Resiliency refers to not only the ability of a community to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threats, but to thrive amidst changing conditions or challenges.

A risk and vulnerability assessment is a key component to building resilience in a coastal community. Risks are assessed as multi-hazard threats to communities such as flooding, storm surge, or sea level rise that may occur amidst storms and a changing climate. Vulnerabilities are assessed as the degree of exposure to these risks, and the means to cope with stressors or disasters that arise from them.

Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP)

Building a more resilient Town of Leland requires careful, thorough planning efforts using sound, locally relevant data. Leland was awarded financial assistance in the form of technical resources on behalf of the N.C. Division of Coastal Management’s (DCM) Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP). The RCCP will advance coastal resilience efforts throughout the 20 coastal communities in North Carolina. The objectives of this program include:

  • Address barriers to coastal resilience in North Carolina at the local level, such as limited capacity, economic constraints, and social inequities.
  • Assist communities with risk and vulnerability assessments and developing a portfolio of planned and prioritized projects.
  • Advance coastal resilience projects to shovel-readiness, or ready for implementation.
  • Link communities to funding streams for project implementation.

DCM partnered Moffatt & Nichol with the Town of Leland to conduct a Risk & Vulnerability Assessment.

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Available Presentations and Downloads

Please use the links below to access our presentations and downloads from this program.

Program Sponsor

Thank you to N.C. Division of Coastal Management (DCM)’s North Carolina Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP) for providing technical and financial assistance to advance coastal resilience efforts for the Town of Leland. This program was funded in collaboration with the following:

RCCP Sponsors