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Grants & Funding Opportunities

The Town of Leland actively seeks grants and other funding opportunities to fund various projects, procure specialty equipment, and provide funding for training. Grant funding allows the Town to go beyond the limits of our operational budget and provide a solution for evolving community problems. Thank you to the agencies for recognizing the needs of our Town.

Environmental Enhancement Grant Program (EEG)
North Carolina Department of Justice
Grant Application Submitted: 05/12/2023

Attorney General Josh Stein awards grants annually to projects that will help improve and protect North Carolina’s natural resources through the Environmental Enhancement Grant (EEG) program.

Since the EEG Program began, the Attorney General has awarded more than $41 million to 210 projects. These projects have resulted in the closure of 240 abandoned hog waste lagoons and the restoration or permanent conservation of more than 31,000 acres of land, wetland restoration, stormwater remediation, stream stabilization, as well as several environmental education and research initiatives.

In 2000, the Attorney General and Smithfield Foods entered into a 25-year agreement that, in part, provided $2 million per year for environmental projects across the state. This money was used to establish the EEG Program, which has awarded environmental grants since 2002.

The EEG Program offers reimbursement grants for projects that improve North Carolina’s air, water, and land quality by addressing the goals of the Smithfield Agreement.

Ear and Eye Protection
Worker’s Compensation Pool Grant
N.C. League of Municipalities

The funding from this NCLM grant provided the Leland Police Department with the purchase of civil disturbance protective gear, focusing on ear and eye protection. These items allowed the Town to reduce the impact and effects on our officers’ sight and hearing.

Enviropod LittaTrap Installation
Enviropod LittaTrap Installation
Jandy Ammons Foundation
Awarded Amount: $2,232

The Town of Leland is excited to partner with the Cape Fear River Watch CreekWatchers program in an effort to protect and improve the water quality of the Cape Fear River Basin. With the necessary funding for project supplies and materials for the 80% Project, the Town is in support of the litter assessments of the local waterways and storm drains. The project installation of two catch basins in the Town will allow the Town to assess the need for potential future/additional trapping devices.

The two catch basins were installed by the Harris Teeter gas station on Leana Drive and on New Point Boulevard by Walmart.

Jandy Ammons Foundation

Fire Truck
2021 Firehouse Subs Safety Grant
Firehouse Subs Safety Foundation
Awarded Amount: $14,000

The Firehouse Subs Safety Foundation provides lifesaving equipment and required resources to first responders and public safety organizations to help them serve their communities and save lives. This funding was used towards the direct purchase of 15 ballistic vests with plates and 15 ballistic helmets and accessories for Leland Fire/Rescue.

Body Armor
Soft Body Armor Grant
N.C. League of Municipalities

The Soft Body Armor Grant program helps the Town of Leland offset the cost of providing body armor for police officers.

Fire Station 53
Property & Liability Pool Grant
N.C. League of Municipalities
Awarded Amount: $10,000

The funding provided by this grant allowed the Town of Leland to install security access control centers in Fire Station 53. With the installation of access control centers, the safety and security of  Town staff and supplies/equipment within the center are protected at a higher level.