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Get to Know Your Government: Learning Leland

Get to Know Your Government: Learning Leland

The Town of Leland has launched a government education initiative called Get to Know Your Government: Learning Leland. The series aims to help residents learn about how their local government works through a variety of public outreach strategies.

This initiative will cover a wide range of topics, from the broader role of local government in North Carolina, to the specifics of how certain processes are structured in the Town of Leland. 

Videos, infographics, and other educational materials included in this initiative will be housed on this webpage.

Town Hall Forums

All residents are invited to attend our Town Hall Forums, which are held quarterly as part of the Get to Know Your Government: Learning Leland initiative. Each forum focuses on a different topic and gives residents the chance to have conversations with Town staff and leadership.

Town Government Structure

Are you curious about how your Town government works, Town Council’s decision-making process, or the Town’s responsibilities versus the County’s? Learn about the basics of the Town of Leland’s government structure by clicking on the tabs below.

Town Organization

The Town of Leland is led by a five-member Council including a Mayor and four Councilmembers. Under the Council-Manager form of government, the Town Council acts as a legislative body in establishing policy and law. Beginning with the 2019 election, the Mayor is elected to a four-year term. The Mayor serves as the presiding officer at the Town Council meetings and is the official head of the Town for ceremonial purposes. Town Councilmembers are elected for staggered four-year terms. They appoint a professional Town Manager, who serves as the Council’s chief advisor. The Town Manager hires the employees of the Town.

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Council-Manager Form of Government

The Town Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all departments within the Town. The Manager is the Town’s Chief Administrator and is appointed by the Council. They are responsible for developing and executing the Town budget, overseeing the preparation of Town Council meeting agendas, and implementing the Council’s vision for the Town of Leland.

The Town Manager is assisted by two Assistant Town Managers and a Staff Attorney. The Assistant Town Managers are hired by the Town Manager and undertake special projects that cross departmental lines, as well as assist the Town Manager, as necessary, in implementing the goals of Council. One of the Assistant Town Managers oversees the day-to-day operations of the Public Safety, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology departments. The second Assistant Town Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the Public Services, Community Enrichment, Planning & Inspections, and Economic and Community Development departments. The Staff Attorney provides internal legal counsel and guidance to Town staff on matters involving all aspects of municipal law, including applicable federal and state laws. 

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Town Administration

The Town of Leland is dedicated to providing effective and fiscally responsible municipal services in a manner that promotes a high quality of life with a neighborly feel. We are proud to provide full services to our citizens. There are eight assigned department directors that report to the Assistant Town Managers. The department directors are responsible for the day-to-day operations within their assigned department(s), as well as collaborating to accomplish the tasks necessary to reach Town goals and desired levels of service.

Town Departments

Continued growth trends and patterns have impacted the type and number of municipal service offerings in the Town. During the foundational period of the Town in the early 1990s, having a Police force was seen as a top priority and was thus the first typical municipal service offered. Planning, zoning, and building inspection services were added in the early 2000s along with sewer service to certain parts of Town. The late 2000s saw the Town add a water distribution utility as well as the creation of the Parks and Recreation department. In 2015, the Town opened the Leland Cultural Arts Center and created an Economic and Community Development department. In 2017, the nonprofit Leland Fire and Rescue was merged into the Town government and in 2020, an Emergency Management division was established. In 2021, the Town and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO consolidated water and wastewater utilities. As the Town has grown, the number of personnel to administer and manage these services has increased over time. 

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Get to Know Your Government Service Chart