Community Outreach

Leland Fire/Rescue is constantly looking for qualified volunteers to fill its ranks, both in emergency services as well as non-emergency services roles.

The application process is simple. Most of the firefighter training is provided through the department's direct delivery agency. Other training is provided by local community colleges at no or reduced cost to the members. The department offers very diverse opportunities in fire/rescue operations (ages 18 and up), and within its Community Risk Reduction and Education mission for persons looking to help the community but not interested in fire/rescue operations.

Apply to volunteer by calling (910) 371-2727 or emailing

All members receive the following benefits

  • Membership in the North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (Must meet training guidelines)
  • Membership in the North Carolina Fireman’s Association (Must meet training guidelines)
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Able to apply for AFLAC at your expense
  • Membership to Local Government Credit Union

Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer firefighters can sign up to work in 6, 12, or 24 hour shifts alongside on-duty career personnel to add to the department's on-duty staffing.

Fire Applicant: Shall be able to pass a Physical Agility Test and willing to become a certified Firefighter within two (2) years if not certified at time of application.

Community Risk Reduction and Education Division (C.R.R.E.D.)

The primary mission of the Town of Leland Fire/Rescue Department Community Risk Reduction and Education Division (C.R.R.E.D.) is to enhance the offerings, visibility and outreach of the department in the community safety arena. C.R.R.E.D. is comprised of individuals currently or previously involved with public or private emergency services (Fire, EMS, Police, Dispatch, Corporate Safety, Outdoor Programs, etc.).

Primarily, but not limited to, fire prevention and safety education, C.R.R.E.D. has the ability to provide any services the department may need to enhance its overall mission, providing emergency services and education to Town of Leland residents.

The Town of Leland Fire/Rescue Department is looking for people with diverse public safety backgrounds to join C.R.R.E.D. Anyone interested in assisting the community in reducing risk is welcome. There are no time constraints or requirements; that is determined by the individual, based on discussions with department management.