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Community Outreach

Community Risk Reduction and Education Division (C.R.R.E.D.)

The primary mission of the Leland Fire/Rescue Community Risk Reduction and Education Division (C.R.R.E.D.) is to enhance the offerings, visibility and outreach of the department in the community safety arena. C.R.R.E.D. is comprised of individuals currently or previously involved with public or private emergency services (Fire, EMS, Police, Dispatch, Corporate Safety, Outdoor Programs, etc.).

Primarily, but not limited to, fire prevention and safety education, C.R.R.E.D. has the ability to provide any services the department may need to enhance its overall mission, providing emergency services and education to Town of Leland residents.

Leland Fire/Rescue is looking for people with diverse public safety backgrounds to join C.R.R.E.D. Anyone interested in assisting the community in reducing risk is welcome. There are no time constraints or requirements; that is determined by the individual, based on discussions with department management.