Community Feedback Needed for ADA Transition Plan

March 23, 2022
Town of Leland sign

As part of ongoing efforts to welcome and serve all members of the community, the Town of Leland is producing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan and needs your feedback.

The ADA Transition Plan is a comprehensive plan for improving access for individuals with disabilities to Town facilities, parks, programs, services, activities, and events. By updating and implementing the plan, consistent with the ADA, Town services and facilities will become more accessible to everyone.

The Town has launched a community engagement survey on accessibility, seeking input from individuals with disabilities, patrons, caregivers, organizations, and agencies that support individuals with disabilities, as well as from interested individuals with experience in accessibility needs and best practices. This community involvement will help with the Town’s self-evaluation process and better enable us to address and prioritize current and future accessibility needs.

The questionnaire addresses accessibility of services and activities offered to the public like obtaining a permit, paying a fee, participating in a recreational program, or attending a public meeting. The purpose is to gather information on the accessibility of Town services to people with disabilities. The goal is that each service is readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

All survey responses are subject to becoming public record. The survey will be available through April 23.

View the Town’s ADA Policy Statement

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