Town of Leland Announces New Leadership Positions

January 17, 2022
Wyatt and Chris

The Town of Leland is pleased to announce two new leadership positions designed to better serve the needs of the growing population. Chris Langlois has been named the Town’s first Public Safety Director and Wyatt Richardson has been named the Town’s first Community Enrichment Director.

Langlois has served as Fire Chief for Leland Fire/Rescue since August 2020. As Public Safety Director, he will oversee the Fire/Rescue, Police, and Emergency Management departments. The role was created to ensure the Town’s public safety departments can continue to cohesively and strategically plan for the future in a more proactive manner.

“I see my role as reflecting the Town’s servant leadership philosophy by serving and supporting our public safety departments as they continue their excellent service to the community,” Langlois said. “Although each department works within their own unique discipline, I see an opportunity to support each of them in working together within the overall arena of public safety to identify, reduce, prepare for, and respond effectively to all public safety risks our community may face.”

Langlois will aid in improving communications through one voice and provide leadership and oversight for the planning, development, and implementation of public safety goals, objectives, and priorities. This will also allow the Chiefs of each public safety department to focus on improving the operational services provided to the citizens they serve.

“Chief Langlois’ strong leadership skills, excellent communication style, vision in planning for the future, and desire to be the best public safety service provider for the citizens of the Town of Leland make him an excellent fit for the Public Safety Director position,” Assistant Town Manager Missy Rhodes said.

Richardson has been with the Town since April 2018, serving as Operations Director. In his role as Community Enrichment Director, Richardson will coordinate community engagement efforts, and be responsible for ensuring the Town government is serving the citizens and customers of Leland in the most effective way possible by building strong, meaningful relationships within the community.

“In the short term, our team will be working towards building new and strengthening existing community relationships for the Town. In the long term, we will collaboratively develop and implement a strategic plan for community outreach, engagement, and all communications of the Town both internally and externally,” Richardson said. “These are exciting times for the Town of Leland as we continue to grow and prosper. These recent organizational changes are another reflection of that growth.”

“As the role of government constantly evolves, it's critically important that the Town is responsive to the changing needs of its citizens,” Assistant Town Manager Niel Brooks said. “With the creation of the Community Enrichment Director position, the Town will have a point person who can work to anticipate the needs of the residents before they become issues of concern and proactively tackle the issues that are important to the community.”

Langlois and Richardson started their new positions in January. Langlois will continue to serve as acting Fire Chief until that position is filled.  

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