Leland Town Hall

102 Town Hall Drive
Leland, NC 28451

(910) 371-0148

Department Main Phone Numbers

Sewer Emergency: (910) 540-2600

Planning Department: (910) 371-3390

Building Inspections: (910) 371-3754

Leland Cultural Arts Center: (910) 385-9891

Leland Police Department: (910) 371-1100

Leland Fire/Rescue Headquarters: (910) 371-2727


Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hollis, David Town Manager (910) 371-1249
Brooks, Niel Assistant Town Manager 910-332-4818
Rhodes, Missy Assistant Town Manager 910-332-4295
Snow, Hilary Communications Officer 910-550-2477
Reinhardt, Sabrena Administrative Manager/Town Clerk 910-332-4297
Sims, Nancy Deputy Town Clerk 910-332-5013
Long, Joshua Administrative Assistant 910-332-4290
York, Taylor AV Systems/IT Technician 910-523-9665
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hagg, Carly Finance Director 910-338-9735
Friedman, Dawn Deputy Finance Officer 910-408-3015
Lopez, Kathy Purchasing Agent 910-218-0562
Lacewell, Vera Finance Clerk 910-332-4291
Hilton, Dawn Billing and Collections Clerk 910-332-5000
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Grimes, John Chief of Fire/Rescue/EMS 910-632-2027
Hayes, Ronnie Deputy Chief of Fire/Rescue/EMS 910-632-2028
Merrill, Ryan Batallion Chief of Fire/Rescue/EMS 910-371-2727
Fuller, Jason Batallion Chief of Fire/Rescue/EMS 910-371-2727
Lancaster, James Batallion Chief of Fire/Rescue/EMS 910-371-2727
Human Resources
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Barbee, Susan Human Resources Director 910-332-4648
Meyer, Sara Human Resources Generalist 910-442-8323
Failing, Christina Human Resources Assistant 910-332-4293
Parks & Recreation
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Richardson, Wyatt Operation Services Director 910-332-4651
Scott, Julianne Cultural Arts Manager 910-385-9892
Nadeau, Bill Parks and Facilities Manager 910-371-3391
Wells, Amy Recreation Supervisor 910-332-4823
Hensley, Allison Arts Administrative Supervisor 910-385-9891
LeTendre , Zoey Program Coordinator 910-332-5007
White, Laurie Senior Administrative Assistant 910-408-3092
Planning, Zoning & Building Inspections
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Andrea, Ben Planning and Inspections Director 910-338-9206
Vidmar, Gary Economic & Community Development Director 910-332-4294
Pirozzi, Ashli Planning Manager 910-332-4819
Kirkland, Matthew Senior Planner 910-332-4816
Neylon, Andrew Planner II 910-332-4817
Eaton, Brandon Code Enforcement Officer 910-332-4296
Galloway, Elizabeth GIS Analyst/Energov Administrator 910-726-2462
Knoch, Daniel Chief Building Official 910-444-1533
Heunemann, Eric Building Inspector 910-371-5011
Pelt, Josh Van Building Inspector 910-218-0613
Gemmell, John Building Inspector 910-520-6707
Hayes, Robert Building Inspector 910-970-0541
Hernandez, Ernesto Fire Inspector 910-726-2020
Rheaume, Ximena Senior Administrative Assistant 910-338-1179
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Shirley, Brad Chief of Police 910-367-5637
Spence, Josh Lieutenant - Administration 910-332-5002
Humphries, Jeremy Lieutenant - Patrol 910-332-4298
Irvin, Brian Sergeant - Logistics 910-371-2374
Frey, Chuck Sergeant - Investigator 910-408-3052
Berry, Jonathan Detective 910-332-5003
McCabe, Felicia Investigator 910-332-5005
Collins, Ollie Police Records Technician II 910-332-4825
Porter, Andrea Records Technician 910-332-4824
Water, Sewer & Streets
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Vetter, Lynn Public Services Manager 910-332-4652
Faircloth, Brandon Public Utilities Supervisor 910-332-5008
Martin, Kevin Street Maintenance Supervisor 910-332-5006
Balderas, Peter Engineering Technician 910-726-3101

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