Historical Marker Dedicated at Benton Residence

January 18, 2023
Historical Marker Dedicated at Benton Residence

A new historical marker has been placed adjacent to the Benton Residence, a site that was instrumental in the Town of Leland being incorporated in 1989.

Prior to the incorporation, a 12-member board of visionaries known as the Leland Charter Commission met at homes in the area of the Benton Residence to lay the groundwork for the future Town. Many of these meetings were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William M. Benton, which is also the location of the historical marker.

Benton Residence Historical Marker

The Benton Residence serves as a landmark of the early days of Leland, where civic-minded community members gathered to build the Town into what it has become today.

The Town held a ribbon cutting for the historical marker on Jan. 17 alongside some of the visionaries of the Leland Charter Commission, members of the Benton family, Town Council, and Town staff.

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