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Joint Statement: Town of Leland & H2GO

March 22, 2021

Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO and the Town of Leland have consolidated their water and wastewater utilities in an effort to better serve the fast-growing northern Brunswick County region.

During a joint meeting on March 19, the Leland Town Council and the H2GO Board of Commissioners both voted unanimously to approve the Interlocal Agreement for the Operation and Joint Ownership of Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems, which outlines the consolidation of water and wastewater systems and utility funds to gain efficiencies in operations, enhance financial sustainability, reduce redundancies and overlaps and improve customer service.

“Our area has experienced growth at a rapid pace, particularly in recent years. Since we expect to see the same level of growth in the coming years, it is clear to members of the Council and the H2GO Board that collaboration and cooperation are key to improving service now and effectively planning for future needs,” said Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman.

The agreement specifies areas of the region where both parties would be able to expand their services jointly, and other areas where H2GO could expand separately of Leland. By doing so, both entities would be able to grow in a coordinated and unified manner that eliminates uncertainty regarding the provision of utility service. In addition, a consolidated customer base could take advantage of economies of scale as they relate to rates and pricing.

“Considering the growth we have experienced here in northern Brunswick County, it takes a united effort to maintain top-quality utility service while keeping rates as low as possible,” said Ron Jenkins, Chair of the H2GO Board of Commissioners. “This agreement allows us to do just that, as we move forward with certainty towards the same goal.”

The two entities worked together to facilitate the transition by June 30.