Leland Police Department Launches Community Crime Map

As part of its continued efforts to increase community safety and awareness, the Leland Police Department has launched a new interactive online tool called CrimeMapping.

Created by TriTech Software, CrimeMapping is a public site that allows residents to easily access and analyze crime reports. Users can isolate certain areas – such as their street, block or neighborhood – or expand their searches to include all reports within Town limits.

“We are excited to be able to offer this service to our residents because it gives them the ability to see what is going on within their neighborhoods and communities without having to go through the trouble of requesting reports,” said Jeremy Humphries, Captain of Support Services for the Leland Police Department.

CrimeMapping further enhances the Leland Police Department’s ongoing initiative to maintain effective and helpful communication with Town residents, Humphries added.

“This is another avenue of communicating important information to citizens in a platform that is simple to navigate,” he noted.

Through CrimeMapping, citizens can conduct live searches and set up personalized email alerts for crimes that occur in a radius around specific addresses.

The website uses an advanced mapping engine to extract crime data directly from Leland Police Department’s records management system on a regular basis, ensuring the map contains the most current information available.

To use CrimeMapping, residents should visit www.crimemapping.com, type in their preferred location - which can be a street address, landmark or zip code - and perform a live search. Users can zoom in to view records and have the option to filter searches by location and date and even create their own reports and charts to analyze crime trends.

To receive alerts, click on the red “Receive Alerts” button in the top right portion of the screen. Users can create and receive alerts for multiple addresses and search distances.

For more information on CrimeMapping, contact Jeremy Humphries, Captain of Support Services for the Leland Police Department, at jhumphries@townofleland.com or (910) 332-4298.