Founders' Celebration

Little girl participating in a community art project

Event Date: September 10, 2022

Event Time: 3 - 9 PM

Location: Founders Park 

Founders' Celebration celebrates Leland's birthday with a grand event! The event features live music, carnival rides, family games, food trucks, and fireworks. 

Check the FAQ section for more information!

*Town Hall Drive will be closed starting at 10 AM on Saturday, September 10 through 10 PM that night. 
**Old Fayetteville Drive will be closed starting at 8:30 PM until 9 PM for the safety of motorists during the firework display.


3 PM

Mayor's Welcome

3:15 PM Masonboro Sound
5 PM Gump Fiction
7 PM Carolina Casuals
8:45 PM Fireworks


General Parking

General parking is located at North Brunswick High School (114 Scorpion Dr. NE). Free shuttles will take participants to and from the event site. 

*Please note items that are not allowed at the event site below.


Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located at the Leland Library/Brunswick Center at Leland (487 Village Road NE). Placards and/or plates will be required to park in this parking lot. 

Are you interested in having your organization or food truck at Founders' Celebration?

  • You can apply using the links below!
  • Applications will close August 15th at 9 am. 


  • We will not be providing tables or chairs. Organizations are not permitted to sell items at their booth however, they can give away promotional items. All organizations must offer an experiential activity for participants to interact with during the event. Experiential activities may be provided by organizations or by the Town. 

Food trucks:

Can I bring alcoholic drinks or pets?

Alcoholic drinks and pets are not allowed at Founders' Celebration. 

Is this a free event?

Yes, this is a free event! Listen to music from Masonboro Sound, Gump Fiction, and Carolina Casuals while riding carnival rides. 

  • Food from the food trucks will not be free. 

Can I bring lawn chairs or blankets?

Yes, you can bring lawn chairs or blankets.