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Adaptive Resources

Our adaptive programming is purposefully planned to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the resources they need to thrive throughout participation in Town programs. To further this end, the Town makes sensory backpacks available for checkout, provides quiet rooms on site, and opens for early registration to reduce crowding. Currently, we are offering Sensory Sensitive Visits with Santa

To aid individuals, we have two sensory backpacks available for checkout at the front desk of the LCAC. Adults and Youth participants can check out the sensory backpacks for FREE during business hours. However, they cannot leave the LCAC and must be returned at the end of the day.  

Items in the backpacks include:

  • 1 pair of noise reducing headphones   headphones
  • 1 fidget popper   fidget popper
  • 1 sensory ring   fidget ring
  • 1 slinky
  • 1 mini rubix cube

Various small toys 

Please note: Anyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in any programs and events hosted by the Town of Leland.