Town Projects

Active Projects

Old Fayetteville Road Multi-Use Path (STP-DA U-5534D) Old Fayetteville Road Improvements A project to develop a roadside multi-use path along the north side of Old Fayetteville Road from Town Hall Drive to North Brunswick High School.
2014 STP-DA Projects U5534 (I,J,K) U5534 (I,J,K) Town Hall Drive The projects are intended to construct a sidewalk along Old Fayetteville Road from Ricefield Branch to Leland Middle School, a multi-use path extension along Village Road from the Brunswick County Senior Center to Sturgeon Creek, and a sidewalk loop from Town Hall Drive down Village and Old Fayetteville Roads.
Future Town Projects Construction Image The following projects are currently under consideration, review, or design.

Completed Projects

Booster Pump Project Brunswick Forest Booster Pump A project to construct a booster pump for the water system, in the vicinity of the existing meter vault.
Northgate Drive Realignment Project Northgate Drive Realignment Project A project to realign Northgate Drive and Lee Drive to create a signalized intersection at Village Road.
Mallory Creek Drive Patching Project Mallory Creek Drive Patching Project A project to repair portions of Mallory Creek Drive which have deteriorated over time and to make improvements to the stormwater system associated with the road.