$20,000 Grant Awarded to Fund Design of Mallory Creek Drive Drainage Improvements

August 9, 2022
$20,000 Grant Awarded to Fund Design of Mallory Creek Drive Drainage Improvements

The Town of Leland has been awarded $20,000 through the North Carolina Resilient Coastal Communities Program (RCCP) to survey and design a grading plan to improve the frequent flooding of Mallory Creek Drive.

The Town began working with RCCP in March 2021, when it was selected to participate in Phase 1 and 2 of the program. During those phases, several projects were identified to increase Leland’s resiliency, including the Mallory Creek Drive Drainage Improvements Project. Phase 3 of RCCP is for the engineering and design of a nature-based solution for a shovel-ready project. This funding will help the Town continue to increase resiliency and safety for the community.

Phase 3 funding will provide a drainage plan for a portion of Mallory Creek Drive that frequently floods. The Town hopes to apply for RCCP Phase 4 funding for construction of the identified nature-based solution in spring 2023.

“These improvements are crucial to our area, as Leland is susceptible to heavy precipitation events, erosion, and flooding,” Engineering Technician II Adrianna Weber said. “Mallory Creek Drive is a high traffic route for many residents and visitors, connecting several large neighborhoods with Highway 17 and NC 133. Therefore, this funding will help alleviate flooding, reduce health and safety risks, and enhance the environmental appeal of our community.”

RCCP is funded through the N.C. State Legislature and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The initiative provides funding to local governments to help overcome barriers in coastal resilience and adaptation planning, boost local government capacity, and support a proactive, sustainable, and equitable approach to coastal resilience planning and project implementation.

Learn more about the Town’s resiliency efforts.

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