Leland 2045 Quarterly Update

May 18, 2022
Leland 2045

Since the Leland 2045 Comprehensive Plan was adopted in November 2021, Town staff have been using it as a tool to guide goals and initiatives across all departments.

The purpose of Leland 2045 is to enable Leland officials and citizens to anticipate and constructively respond to growth and change, and to encourage the development of safe and healthy, built and natural environments that create opportunities for all.​ The planning document outlines goals, policies, and implementation strategies that were developed through a robust public engagement process. ​

“The Town of Leland has made great strides in implementing Leland 2045 since its adoption. It was critical for the Town to take a proactive approach to conservation, community, and safety to balance the record growth in the residential and commercial sectors,” Community Development Planner Barnes Sutton said.

Through collaboration with Planning staff, the community, and the Leland 2045 Focus Group, the following six themes were created to represent a vision to collaboratively advance the economy, society, culture, and the environment and the accompanying updates have been pursued in accordance with these themes since its adoption:

  1. Highly Valued and Protected Natural and Cultural Resources
    • 1,380 pounds of trash and recycling cleaned up during the Employee Stream Cleanup event.
    • Two miles of streams received streambank stabilization, debris removal, and cleanup.
  1. Livable, Diverse, and Connected Neighborhoods that Accommodate Growth
    • Started the process of creating an ADA Transition Plan to convert all Town property into ADA compliance.
    • Sweetbay Park acquired to establish a disc golf course and Founders Park granted award for upgrades for a Veterans memorial, splash pad, amphitheater, restrooms, and playground renovations.
  1. A Resilient and Stable Economy
    • The Public Safety department is working to obtain the Storm Ready Community designation.
    • Created a new mapping tool to help spur redevelopment and public investment.
  1. An Inclusive, Supported, Healthy, Safe, and Educated Community
  1. Infrastructure that Supports Community Life
    • Old Fayetteville Road Multi-Use Path won NCDOT Mobi Award.
    • Newly adopted open space regulations require major subdivisions to commit required riparian buffers, wetlands under federal or state jurisdiction, or special flood hazard areas towards passive open space requirements.
  1. An Active Participant in a Cooperative Region
    • Installed LittaTraps through grant with Cape Fear River Watch to collect data on litter entering the stormwater system.
    • Leland Police and Leland Fire/Rescue are now part of the Cape Fear Regional Special Operations Team to allow additional contribution to the safety and security of the region.

“In the last six months, the Town has brought 200 acres into conservation, joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Community, and expanded Police and Fire capabilities regionally. Improvements in the Town’s parks and the commitment to converting Town facilities to be accessible by people of all abilities is an example of infrastructure that supports community life along with the successful completion of several sidewalk and multi-use path projects. Including older citizens and educating younger generations through entering the schools promotes multigenerational interactions and further supports the holistic approach to community building envisioned in Leland 2045,” Sutton said.

Quarterly updates to Leland 2045 seek to show how departments Town-wide are incorporating the plan’s current and long-range goals. These updates will be shared each quarter with Town Council and on the Town’s website and social media platforms.

Learn more about Leland 2045 and view the full plan.

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