What You Need to Know About the Leland EMS Transfer

Here are some helpful points for residents to know about the anticipated transfer of EMS services from the Town of Leland to Brunswick County.


Why is this transfer occurring?

The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners approved a recommendation from County staff to not renew the Town’s ambulance franchise in the coming fiscal year.


Does the County have authority over a town-operated EMS department?

As outlined in N.C. General Statute §153A-250, county governments have authority in decisions regarding franchises to cities, towns, villages, hospitals or any other entity for ambulance services. Counties may grant franchise agreements to an entity and may also opt to renew or not renew those agreements at any time. 


Is there anything the Town of Leland can do?

There is no appeal process available, as outlined in the state statute.


When will it take effect?

July 1, 2019.


How will it affect emergency response in Leland?

The transfer will not impact EMS service to residents. It is anticipated that the County will purchase the Town’s operational ambulances, and Leland will provide County EMS with space within one of the Town’s fire stations. 


What will happen to the current Leland EMS staff?

The Town has agreed the County will offer employment to Leland’s full-time EMS employees.


Isn’t the Leland Fire/Rescue Department mostly a volunteer organization?

The department was formed as an all-volunteer organization in 1968 and operated as such until it became a department within the Town of Leland in 2017. Brunswick County first granted the volunteer department an ambulance franchise nearly two decades ago, and did so again when the department became a division of the Town.


Does a transfer of EMS services typically occur quickly?

The Town waived the normal 60-day timeline in transferring EMS care in order to ensure continuity of service to citizens and to give current EMS employees the opportunity to become employees of the County. 


Where will the County EMS be located?

The current County EMS unit in the Leland Industrial Park will remain at that location, and a second County unit will run calls from the Leland Fire Station on River Road. No unit will be stationed at Leland's Village Road Fire Station at this time.