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Leland 2045 Quarterly Update

Leland 2045 Quarterly Update

Since the Leland 2045 Comprehensive Plan was adopted in November 2021, Town staff have been using it as a tool to guide goals and initiatives across all departments.

The purpose of Leland 2045 is to enable Leland officials and citizens to anticipate and constructively respond to growth and change, and to encourage the development of safe and healthy, built, and natural environments that create opportunities for all.​ The planning document outlines goals, policies, and implementation strategies that were developed through a robust public engagement process. ​

Through collaboration with Planning staff, the community, and the Leland 2045 Focus Group, the following six themes were created to represent a vision to collaboratively advance the economy, society, culture, and the environment. The accompanying updates have been pursued in accordance with these themes from November 2022 to February 2023:

Highly Valued and Protected Natural and Cultural Resources

  • Zoned approximately 777 acres into the Conservation District.
  • The removal of vegetative debris has commenced on approximately 8,657 linear feet of streambank and encompasses areas of Jackeys, Mill, and Sturgeon Creeks.

Livable, Diverse, and Connected Neighborhoods that Accommodate Growth

  • FlexCode zoning was applied to approximately 68 acres.
  • Unveiled a new 18-panel StoryWalk at Westgate Nature Park designed to encourage movement, reading, and creativity.

A Resilient and Stable Economy

  • Adopted a Public Art Policy which enhances public spaces by way of the inclusion of public art.
  • Annexed approximately 2,142 acres into the Town.
  • Awarded $2,700 from the Brunswick Arts Council for art programs.

An Inclusive, Supported, Healthy, Safe, and Educated Community

Infrastructure that Supports Community Life

An Active Participant in a Cooperative Region

  • Supporting a resolution by the WMPO for the Integrated Mobility Division Feasibility Study Grant Program to complete a feasibility study for a multi-use path along the Gullah Geechee Heritage Corridor.

Quarterly updates to Leland 2045 seek to show how departments Town-wide are incorporating the plan’s current and long-range goals. These updates will be shared each quarter with Town Council and on the Town’s website and social media platforms.

Learn more about Leland 2045 and view the full plan.

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